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A man who insulted internet users that reported his inappropriate remarks about the Nanjing Massacre apologized to the public on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old man, surnamed Meng, argued with netizens in a WeChat group that contained more than 400 people on Feb 22. Meng said the 300,000-plus people believed to have been killed during the 1937 slaughter deserved their fates, and he did not recant even after netizens condemned his comments.

Shanghai"s Yangpu district police detained Meng for five days beginning on Feb 23.

On Saturday, Meng went to Nanjing after his release and filmed a video at the Memorial Hall for the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders, in which he repeatedly insulted internet users who disagreed with him and reported him to authorities.

He also said in the video that he would start livestreaming shows and asked for donations, without specifying the content.

On Tuesday morning, Meng apologized on Sina Weibo to the people in Nanjing and those hurt by his words.

"Maybe it"s because my life has been too easy in recent years and I am becoming a little arrogant and don"t know who I am," he said.

Memorial officials condemned Meng"s behavior on its official website on Monday, saying it was "unbearable" that he shot an insulting video at the memorial hall soon after he was detained for insulting victims of the Nanjing Massacre.

They reiterated that punishments, such as five-or seven-day detentions, cannot prevent similar incidents from recurring.

Cai Daotong, dean of the Law School at Nanjing Normal University, said Meng"s public apology should not exempt him from the consequences.

"His behavior was contemptible and hurt many people"s feelings, but he cannot be punished in accordance with China"s Criminal Law. Only those causing serious disorder in public places can be punished by law," Cai said.

"Detention will be the main punishment he may receive, and his apology may help mitigate his punishment. The best way to prevent such incidents from happening again is to make specific laws and regulations to target such behavior."

On Thursday, a man in Tengzhou, Shandong province, was detained for seven days by Nanjing police for threatening an internet user who reported people posing for pictures in imperial Japanese military uniforms worn during the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1931-45).

On Feb 23, two men were detained for 15 days after posing for pictures dressed as Japanese soldiers in front of a Nanjing memorial site.

In August, five people were detained or given warnings by Shanghai police for posing for pictures in imperial Japanese uniforms in front of a warehouse used to repel the Japanese army in 1937.

Guo Jun contributed to this story.

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