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Dermatologist Sun Zengzheng examines a patient at Wuhan No 1 Hospital in Hubei province.[Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

A 90-year-old doctor who has been practicing medicine for 70 years was recognized for his dedication on Thursday, Changjiang Daily reported on Friday.

Long past the usual retirement age of 60, dermatologist Sun Zengzheng walks to Wuhan No 1 Hospital in Hubei province five times a week and works for half a day.

Sun put off his retirement, gave up better living conditions, and chose to live within 15 minutes walk of the hospital so he could continue his work, which he believes takes 30 years to learn, 30 years to develop the skills, and 30 years to fully practice.

“He was the first doctor to carry out a physical examination, while all the other doctors just looked at my skin,” said a patient surnamed Liu, who was diagnosed and treated by Sun after visits to other hospitals achieved nothing.

Zhu Fangjie contributed to this story.

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